Our Mission

Sean Olson Design officially launched in 2012 with a simple vision-- to provide high-quality, professional design and web products at extremely competitive prices, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Since that time, we’ve served a diverse an interesting client base, helping to bring their company brands to life. Our goals remain the same today; we want to help your business thrive by establishing a distinct, unique and memorable identity that you can be proud of. We will always give our clients the attention and care that they deserve, and will always strive to bring you the best quality work possible.

What is this tour thing anyway?

The Tour is an interactive guide that will walk you through the basics of what you can expect as a valued client of Sean Olson Design. We will discuss the different stages of creating your brand identity from start to finish, as well as some of our operating procedures and standards. Please proceed to the next page to begin.

Logo Suite

The foundation for any company or organization’s branding is the logo design, and this is something that we do exceptionally well. Each logo project we do is created from scratch, using original hand-made vector artwork, meaning that it will look crisp, clean and detailed at any size or in any medium. That said, your logo is not just limited to a single image; each of our clients who need logo design will receive a full logo suite, which includes several variations of the logo to work with a variety of media options, as well as custom icon designs-- based on the primary logo-- for the web, Windows, Mac or Linux.

To see more examples of logos that we have created, please visit the Logo Design section of the Gallery.

Printed Media

We have a great deal of experience working with all manner of print media, from t-shirt designs to banners to brochures to product packaging and/or labels. As with our logo designs, our print and package designs will be created using custom, original vector art whenever possible. This means that most (if not all) of the design elements can be easily scaled to any size, or re-used in a different format or media type. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and will not rest until you’re fully satisfied with the final product. We can even handle fulfillment of the print production, and will work with only the best printers. Our objective is to give you a fully finished, professional looking product, regardless of the type of media.

To view additional samples of this type of work, please visit the Print & Package Design section of the Gallery. If you’d like to see the full PDF version of the Incantato menu, click here.

Web Presence

The final piece of your complete company brand is your website and web-based marketing material. Using current techniques in responsive design, we can create rich, dynamic and unique content to represent your company or organization in the best possible way. Whether you’d like to use a simple, single-page layout, a brochure-style website with multiple pages of static content, or complex database-driven site, we have the tools and skills to create something truly beautiful for you. Whatever you can envision for your company site, we can deliver something that is not only extremely functional, but eye-catching and memorable as well.

By using the aforementioned responsive design techniques, we can also make your website automatically work on any device (smartphone, tablet, etc.), that will look like it was made specifically for that device. In utilizing these methods, we can build you a powerful and very flexible web app that can be updated behind the scenes without any user intervention whatsoever.

Additionally, we can help you with any design elements you made need for social media or web-based advertising, from Facebook header images to Twitter background images to Google Plus user icons. Whatever you need, we can give you a unified and consistent set of designs to help you stand out from the crowd and keep your brand distinct.

To see samples of our web design, click here. To view a working demo of the Incantato website, click here.

Your Professional Brand Begins Here...

From start to finish, you will have a dedicated Design Facilitator, who will assist you in every step of creating your brand. We are dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction, and believe that attention to detail and originality are crucial.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in establishing a beautiful, consistent and unique identity, and we will not stop until you are completely satisfied and proud of the work we provide for you. Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. We seek to build not just a set of designs and/or web-based tools for you, but a lasting long-term partnership as well. Click the button below to contact us today.

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